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“Brain Waves” is an ESL activity book intended for use within an intermediate or advanced level ESL classroom.  The book consists of various games and activities.  My intention in writing the book was to come up with fun and interesting games and activities to do within the ESL classes that I taught.  To a large extent, I feel that I succeeded in my goal.  Many of the activities generated genuine interest on the part of my students, who seemed to thoroughly enjoy many of the activities.  This book was multi-skill in that, although many of the activities focused primarily on getting the students to practice their speaking, many of the activities also involved other skills as well (e.g. – reading, writing, grammar, pronunciation, listening).

In contrast to “Brain Waves”, my purpose for writing “Grammar to Go” was more focused.  This book is a compilation of some of my more successful activities which allow communicative grammar practice with a variety of intermediate grammar structures.  Nevertheless, many of the activities within this book are also perfectly suitable for conversation practice with an ESL class as well.  Both books were intended to fill part of what I felt were a dearth of ESL speaking books and communicative grammar books.

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  1. Anonymous
    July 28, 2011 at 8:15 pm

    Thank you for posting this on the web. I’m an ESL teacher too and I found this book useful, especially the trivia section. Somehow this book was lost or “was taken” a couple years into my teaching at my school and I have been trying to locate a copy of it since.


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